Ponder in the following anecdote, and then deduce whatever lessons you may, especially in the religious and humanitarian aspects. Once, an illiterate Bedouin was circling around the Kaaba while the great prophet Muhammad walked behind him. He was a Muslim who did not know the prophet, yet. While The Bedouin was turning; purely, he was frequently praying out loudly: “O generous". Whenever he called out, the prophet repeated the same words until he became nervous; nevertheless, said nothing. After he finished, he went beneath the gargoyle and repeated the same prayers. Hence, the prophet followed and stood behind repeating after him. He got annoyed; turned his face, and shrieked on the prophet's face: “O luminous face. O graceful body. Are you mocking me? By His mighty and majesty -he pointed to the sky- if you did not have a radiant face and graceful body, I would complain about you to my beloved Muhammad". The prophet smiled and asked, "Do not you know your prophet?" He answered "No". "How did you believe in him?" the prophet asked. "I believed him though I did not see him. I consented to him although I did not meet him." the Bedouin replied. "I am your prophet in this world and your intercessor in the next," the prophet asserted. Consequently, the Bedouin bowed on prophet's hands to kiss them, but the prophet lifted the Bedouin's head gently and said, “Do not do with me as Persians do with their kings. God has sent me neither arrogant nor haughty. He has sent me as a mercy to people, inclusive". During that time, the angle Gabriel descended to the prophet and said to him, “Let your Bedouin friend not be fooled by Our forbearance and generosity. Then, We will ask him about the big and small, and the skin of the nucleus of the dates." Straightaway, the prophet revealed to him. The Bedouin was shocked and asked the prophet, shockingly, "Will God judge me?" "Yes, He will." the prophet replied. "If He did, I would judge Him as well." the Bedouin replied in complete trust. "What would you judge your Lord for?" the prophet asked. "If He judged me for my sins I would question His pardon. If He judged me for my disobedience, I would question His forgiveness. And if He judged me for my parsimony, I would question His generosity." the Bedouin replied. The prophet cried when he heard this until his beard wetted. Gabriel descended a second time and said to the prophet "O Muhammad, quit crying. You startled the throne's angels of their prayers. Moreover, inform your Bedouin friend that God says to him neither he judges Us nor We do to him, and he will be your companion in heaven". This is the end of story. I am sure that people would be able to deduce many lessons if they read and pondered about this anecdote, earnestly.