Al-Imam Al-Hussein is a son of Ali Bin Abi Taleb, the prophet Muhammad's rightful heir. Hussein's mother is Fatima, the daughter of the prophet.

1375 years ago he revolted against tyranny, and he sacrificed everything, himself, his family, and his loyal patrons. Hitherto hundred millions of muslims commemorate his sacrifice. Every year they mourn for ten days, which dubbed Ashora. They usually read a psalm, cry and strike their chests by their hands. This behavior points to the faithful interaction and solidarity with the Husseinees principles.

A poet made a poem about Imam Hussein and said:

هكذا أدرك الحسين الخلودا            فغدا في فم الزمان نشيدا

Which means: Imam Hussein by this way attained immortality; therefore, he has become a psalm on the tongue of time.Hence, a question surfaces: How does Imam Hussein still remain until now?

I am going to talk about it in the coming oration.